Cheese to the Rescue!

zucchini and tomato recipe covered with cheese

Photo by Alice Henneman

How did I quickly transform a blah zucchini recipe into a “winner for dinner?” Read on …

(NOTE: I didn’t give the recipe here as it was one I tried from someone else and I didn’t want to identify the person. However, this trick would work with any zucchini recipe that needs a little perking up!)

This zucchini and tomato recipe sounded so colorful (and quick to make), I decided to try it. It was nice to look at, but tasted BLAH!

All it took was a sprinkling of cheese, putting a lid over the skillet for about 2 minutes until the cheese melted and presto chango … we had a winner for dinner!

As I was sharing this idea on Facebook, a friend commented he couldn’t eat cheese because of the sodium. I had good news for him, and for you if you’re watching the sodium in your meals. My husband also has to limit his sodium. A favorite cheese of his is Swiss cheese that is lower in sodium than other cheeses; 1 ounce has just 54 milligrams.

If you use lower sodium foods in your meals and cook without added salt, you shouldn’t have to give up all cheese. For the sodium values in various cheeses and tips for including some cheese in most eating plans, check out this science-based brochure Cheese & Nutrition by the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy® and National Dairy Council®.

Fresh produce provided in my CSA Box from my farmer, Pekarek’s Produce!

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