Cantaloupe and Vanilla Yogurt Parfait

Cantaloupe and vanilla yogurt parfait

Cantaloupe and Vanilla Yogurt Parfait (photo by Alice Henneman)

My CSA box this week contained one of the biggest, tastiest cantaloupes I’ve ever experienced! I was inspired to combine it into a parfait with one of my favorite foods, vanilla Greek yogurt.

No recipe needed! Just layer yogurt and melon (cut into bite-size chunks) into a serving glass. Add a layer of granola, if you like.

Makes a quick breakfast or brunch dish or a delightful dessert. Here’s a trick I use to quickly remove the seeds from cantaloupe …

An ice cream scoop is the perfect size for removing the seeds and pulp when preparing cantaloupe.

remove seeds from cantaloupe with an ice cream scoop

Use an ice cream scoop to quickly remove the seeds from cantaloupe. (Photo by Alice Henneman)

washing cantaloupe

Wash the outside of cantaloupe before eating it. (Photo by Alice Henneman)

And, while you’re preparing cantaloupe, remember to wash the outer surface under cool, running tap water and pat it dry before cutting into it. Scrub with a clean produce brush. Bacteria on the outside surface can transfer to the inside if you don’t wash the cantaloupe first. Using soap or a detergent is not recommended. It’s OK to use a produce wash, but is not necessary.

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