Quick Answer: Is It Easy To Grow Orchids From Seeds??


Orchid Seeds: Orchid seeds are incredibly tiny.

Asymbiotic germination, also known as flasking, is easier, quicker and more reliable for growing orchids from seed at home.

Sterile Conditions: Seeds (usually seed capsules, which are larger and easier to handle) must be sterilized without damaging the seed.

How do you grow Phalaenopsis orchids from seed?

Mix the Phalaenopsis orchid seeds with 1/2 cup of fine horticulture sand; pour the mixture into an old salt or pepper shaker with holes large enough to admit the small seeds. Sprinkle the sand and seed mixture evenly over the surface of the moistened growing medium.

How long do orchid seeds take to germinate?

Orchid germination can take from one to nine months.

How do I grow my own orchid?



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