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Sprinkle on Cheese for Added Nutrition and Taste

Corn Chowder with Cheese One of the staples I keep in my refrigerator is shredded cheese. Shredded cheese is a ...
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How Long Can You Store Commercially Canned Food?

Image courtesy of USDA Image Library Commercially canned foods are convenient as they require no refrigeration to keep their contents ...
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Secrets of Success when Cooking with 5 Ingredients

5-Ingredient Waldorf Salad (link to download the recipe) Five seems to be the magic number for the number of ingredients we ...
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Slow Cooker Meals

Imagine walking into your kitchen after a busy day and being greeted by the scent of cinnamon, garlic and onions ...
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Things on My Kitchen Counter

Recently we had new kitchen counters installed at our house. In taking everything off the counters, I began to re-evaluate ...
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Freezing Peppers for Future Meals

An assortment of peppers available at a local farmers’ market. (Reproduced from an article by Alice Henneman, MS, RDN at ...
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Cabbage, Potatoes and Cheese Skillet Casserole

Photo by Alice Henneman I was intrigued by this recipe I found on USDA’s “What’s cooking? USDA Mixing Bowl“. And, decided ...
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My husband and I enjoy eating healthy foods, but they must taste good and be quick to prepare.

My goal with Cook It Quick is: Making you hungry for healthy food!

Follow along as I share recipes and kitchen tricks that help you enjoy the same types of foods. And though I am a registered dietitian and University of Nebraska-Lincoln extension educator, all my recipes must pass inspection by my toughest critic … my husband!

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