How Much Does It Cost To Build An Outdoor Kitchen??


General construction $5,000 to $12,000.

Cost and installation of appliances $2,000 to $5,000.

Cost of an outdoor kitchen with brick or masonry $400 to $600 per linear foot.

Cost of an outdoor kitchen with prefab framework $300 to $500 per linear foot.

Can you build an outdoor kitchen out of wood?


You can build your outdoor kitchen with wood. In order to protect the wood frame from heat and water, it should be covered with cement backer board, both on the inside and outside of the structure. Be aware that there is still some concern over fire safety, even with the backer board in place.

How do I build an outdoor concrete countertop?

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How to Build a Concrete Countertop (for your Outdoor Kitchen


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What is the best countertop for outdoor kitchen?

Outdoor Countertop Material

  • Granite. Granite is probably the best choice for outdoor kitchen countertops.
  • Soapstone. Soapstone is another natural material that can be used outdoors.
  • Tile. Tile is a good choice for outdoor use in warmer climates.
  • Concrete.
  • Quartz.

Do I need a permit to build an outdoor kitchen?

Though you may not need a building permit for the outdoor kitchen’s construction, you probably will need permits for any electrical or plumbing work. And, in most cases, a drop-in gas grill must be framed by non-flammable material.

Are outdoor kitchens worth the money?

But if you don’t think you’ll use it very much, it’s probably not worth the expense. An outdoor kitchen isn’t for everyone and doesn’t add a lot to a home’s value, Price says. “The popularity [of outdoor kitchens] has to do with the growing trend of outdoor living in general,” he says.

What material is used for outdoor kitchen?

While most outdoor grills and appliances are going to be stainless steel, and most countertops will be stone to hold up to the weather, you have a few options for outdoor cabinet materials that are both weather- and termite-proof. Some of these materials include stainless steel, marine-grade polymer, teak and stone.

How do I string lights across my backyard?

7 Ways to String Lights in your Backyard:

  1. String lights along your fence.
  2. Hang strings of lights from poles placed on the corners of your deck.
  3. Run lights along your deck railing.
  4. Hang lights back and forth along the inside your deck pergola or gazebo.
  5. String lights in backyard trees.
  6. String lights from a tree to your deck space, so your yard is lit up.

Do I need an insulated jacket for my grill?

Installing an insulated grill jacket will ensure your outdoor kitchen remains protected and will last for many years of cookouts. Not all brands offer insulated grill jackets for their grills. If you need an insulated grill jacket, make sure you purchase your grill from a brand that offers one.

How do I build an outdoor countertop?



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How to make concrete countertops for an outdoor bar or kitchen


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Are concrete countertops cheaper than quartz?


The price for concrete falls in the mid-range of countertop options. Typically, concrete is more expensive than tile, synthetic solids or laminate, about the same price as engineered quartz or granite countertops and less expensive than marble.

How do you seal outdoor concrete countertops?

Use a paintbrush to apply a light coat of sealer onto the concrete. Be sure to apply onto the sides as well. Allow the recommended period for the first coat of sealer to penetrate the concrete. Let the surface dry before you apply another coat of sealer.

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